The Year of Blood

 Crime, Documentary

Client: Potentially, ID Channel, OWN, CNN, Netflix, Amazon

Date: 2020

The crisp autumn of 1977  began a spate of horrific murders. The careers of some of the most
sinister Alpha Predators ever recorded in US history were at their peak and had Police Departments
scrambling to stop what we have come to name as…Serial Killers.

You know their names:  John Gacy, Ted Bundy, the Hillside Stranglers and David Berkowitz.

Yet another one of these monsters, despite a list of murders as gruesome as any of his notorious
counterparts failed to register on the national psyche even though he took more lives – faster than
anyone else.

Why Don’t You Know HIM?

The YEAR of BLOOD examines that 12-month period. What type of culture can give birth to a group
of murderous fiends that kill anyone they want? Specifically, what made this unknown killer, tick?
How did he kill faster and more people than any of his contemporaries during the same period? Why
couldn’t law enforcement put a stop to the carnage? We reveal those secrets as well as how this
soulless machine caused a year of terror, a year of death – truly – The YEAR of BLOOD.