Into The Fray

Category: Documentary, History

Client: Potentially, History Channel, CNN, All Warriors Network

Date: 2018

The Lost Stories of WWII is a raucous, 30 minute episodic in which our host, Martin King takes you to where the most dramatic events occurred during the second world war and then rushes behind the scenes to reveal that the history we know is NOT the complete story. There are locations, ambushes, heroes, and villains not known by the general public but have been exposed by Martin in the eight books that he’s written.

He is passionate to set the record straight and in his signature kilt, Martin King chases down modern-day Nazis, interviews the sole survivors of massacres and heroes who overcame incredible odds. He uncovers lost, military artifacts and weaves the tale of what really happened in these locations with the same story-teller’s art which has mesmerized his audiences at Veteran’s groups, West Point, and the Pentagon! He’s even won an Emmy Award for ‘Best Historical Documentary‘ in 2015. A typical episode opens with Martin ~ excitedly telling us where he’s charging off to that day and highlighting unknown stories of war, bravery, and heroism that those places witnessed. His lyrical, Scottish brogue adds fun to the show, when in a single turn-of-phrase, he can about-face from holding onto a piece of military history that hasn’t been seen for over seventy years to a wild Scotsman breaking into song, revealing the best places to eat while he’s on the hunt for the truth, or bursting into a pub, screaming, “Slangevar!” (Scots-Gaelic for cheers & good health!).

His good humor is contagious; his Scottish ways ~ charming; but the thing that everyone who watches the show will be overcome with is his genuine love and respect for the heroes and patriots who saved the world during WWII. Come with us now as we throw ourselves raging…INTO THE FRAY!