What would life be like if the biggest, baddest, criminals…were made of felt? How could you take them seriously as they stared you down with their glossy button eyes? Maybe you’d get the picture if they threw you out a window or blew up your house? Welcome to the world of the Wise Guys.

They ‘assist’ troubled businesses by relieving their owners of…ownership!

Through their strong-armed methods they take over companies and put their distinctive mark on them. In this case, they’ve taken over a local television station WWOB and made it their own, renaming it WMOB; the Boss’s little wink to the local community that a ‘new sheriff is in town’.

The Wise Guys try their hand at producing TV programming with their own special take on news, sports, weather, politics, and even children’s shows where they teach ‘Street Smarts’. Their interaction with staff and clients is priceless and their wise-cracking during broadcasts and beat-downs will make the viewer howl with laughter. They’ve got no choice because if they don’t, the Boss will send Tony Two-Trunks over to ask, “You gotta problem with dat?”

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