YOU have something dark & broken inside; there’s something wrong that lives in each of us.

It is a silent menace that haunts us and invisibly directs our hand to literally sabotage ourselves! That piece of us that is so damaged that it prevents us from leading healthy, productive lives, is the fascination and quest of T. Anthony Merriweather.

As a university professor, pastor, and rehabilitation counselor, he encountered this monster that we all face and has fought it over and over again. The people he speaks with and helps are ex-cons, drug-addicts, single moms, and everyday people the rest of the world might deem ‘normal’ but for some reason they are failing…at life.

Mr. Merriweather knows this frustration all too well. He’s had to overcome racism, poverty, a broken home and a broken heart. He’s seen first hand how this insidious negativity can trigger a phantom so formidable that it can cripple a brave person into behaving like a monster. His own life is a testament to radical forgiveness of one’s self and the hard work that is necessary for victory.

YOU are a convict, a despondent spouse, an alcoholic who’s spent what has seemed an entire lifetime inside a ‘system’, and today, you are leaving your cage and going back into the world. You thought ‘inside’ was bad; freedom will be the most terrifying thing you’ve ever had to face.

In this gripping scripted-reality episodic, we will immerse the viewer in the true-life experience of people just like them leaving the prison of their conditioned minds. Sometimes we’ll capture their interactions with Parole Officers, Therapists, Sponsors, and Job-Placement professionals along their struggle to reintegrate with society as well as the private moments of seeing family, old friends, estranged children and perhaps previous forces that influenced them into a life of rebellion through their owneyes using state-of-the-art Point Of View technology along with standard film-making craft.

With Mr. Merriweather’s guidance, the audience will feel, along with the people he helps, the elation of breathing free air, the thick tension of professional meetings necessary in the re-integration process, the ache of rejection from loved-ones who have moved on, and the hope fostered by his skilled team of counselors and clergy. The POV footage will be complimented by conferral with academics, therapists, and community leaders that have years of experience and are dedicated to make a difference. Their comments will offer a framework and perspective that the viewer can use to understand why most of these stories end in the insanity of re-living past failures.

But that’s not the final word…

As the viewer ‘lives’ through the participant’s trials ~ addiction, poverty, rejection, and hopelessness, they are shown by Mr. Merriweather and his experts the efforts that are being made on their behalf, the pain that can be healed, the progress that can be made through genuine love, concern, and structured guidance. The good news is that there is a way back. People must not live forever identified as an ex-con, a drunk, a bad parent…a failure. They can claim the new life of a whole person and returned, productive citizen.

This show will break your heart ~ No matter who you are, we all want to be accepted and loved.
It will change your mind ~ People make choices; ALL people can learn to make good choices.
It will give you hope ~ Step by step, you’ll travel the same road of ups and downs appreciating each accomplishment and learning to seek out those same signposts of success in your own life.

YOU will be Redeemed.

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