Needle in a Haystack

NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK is a quirky, fun, 30 minute episodic that explores forgotten corners in barns, sheds, and attics of America to discover treasures that people never knew they had! A typical episode encompasses someone taking over a family business, moving into an old home, or finally getting to that remodeling job that they’ve been putting off and they come upon a bunch of ‘junk’ that they have no idea of where to start with. They call the show and the team of John and Miranda work through their nit-picking Big Brother vs Little Sister relationship to find appraisers and buyers for themed memorabilia. The team gets a commission and the client usually gets a BIG surprise!

John doesn’t haggle with the client – he’s their advocate and tries to get as much as he can for each piece. He has a quick smile, an easy charm and a knack for knowing all the ‘right’ people.

The shows are centered around a single theme per episode, for example – Coca-Cola, Cracker-Jack, Heinz, Lionel, Hershey (all American Companies – all with collectible memorabilia)…the opportunities for content and advertisers are endless.

The great part about this show is that through reenactments, historians, and curators – the viewer passively learns a ton of history and has fun doing it!

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